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Meet Hub Melbourne, Anthill 2012 Cool Company Award Winner [Micro Business Category]


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What are the Anthill Cool Company Awards?

The Cool Company Awards were launched in 2006 as a way for Anthill to acknowledge and celebrate Australian organisations that are doing things differently to bring about positive change. Cool Companies stay one step ahead of the rest. They breed leaders who are rule-makers and rule-breakers. They are trend-setters in attitude and action. Quite simply, they are … cool! More.

Hub Melbourne [WINNER]

Company: Hub Melbounre
Website: http://hubmelbourne.com/
State: VIC
Category: Micro Business

What is cooler than a workspace in a ballroom? Well, not much that we can think of. Hub Melbourne is just such a place – and they make time to celebrate with a weekly “winedown.” (Sounds like my kind of place). What’s more: the company is urging and facilitating collaboration like no other.

And, collaboration is a word that gets our attention around Anthill.

Hub Melbourne is making collaboration particularly cool, and it was named our Coolest Micro Business as a result. Hub Melbourne has emerged as Australia’s largest co-working space, with more than 700 members, 120 designers, innovators, entrepreneurs and gurus of all manner walking through its doors everyday.

Hub Melbourne exists to catalyse connections between people and organisations with talent, ideas, and resources to achieve goals – whether those goals are business, environmental, social, or otherwise. In other words: Hub Melbourne is tailor-made to speak to the Anthillian masses!

What’s more, the company is embracing social, mobile, and cloud-based applications to forge ahead. Hub Melbourne Team Enabler, Leslie Swearingin had this to say about her company’s technological integration:

“To stay true to the mobile aspect of the future of work we use cloud-based applications to run all business aspects, this allows staff to work from anywhere with Internet connection. We’ve ditched email internally (members too) and use Yammer for business social networking to promote the exchange of knowledge and business opportunities amongst our members.”

“We recently launched Australia’s first Dialogue Café for global peer-to-peer learning through a Cisco telepresence unit. We’re also introducing a check-in system that recognises who is in the space by reading their building access cards to facilitate more and better connections amongst members.”

Hub Melbourne is truly, truly cool. The company is constantly innovating, assessing, and celebrating. In the process, the team at Hub Melbourne is creating what is squarely one of the coolest co-working spaces in the world. And that is no small task.


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