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Meet Fillim.com, Anthill 2012 Cool Company Award Finalist [Innovation Category]


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What are the Anthill Cool Company Awards?

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Company: Fillim.com
Website: fillim.com
State: NSW
Category: Innovation

It’s a long journey to the hills of Hollywood from the sands of Bondi Beach. Yet from this very locale, Fillim.com founders Dan Solo and Paul Voulas are making distance irrelevant, giving aspiring filmmakers everywhere the chance to capture an audience’s hearts. For independent cinema lovers, it’s reason to swoon like never before.

Fillim is an on-demand video-streaming service that is largely defined by its user-generated content. If you’re a wannabe auteur, it only takes a few minutes to upload your film and distribute it, free of charge. You can choose to charge your audience (or not) to watch, and soon, you’ll be able to make use of Fillim crowdfunding to gain sponsorship.

“The creation of a media hub, a one-stop shop for filmmakers to maximise on their promotional abilities, facilitates a sustainable competitive advantage,” the team says. We wonder if Netflix is taking notes.

Because when Fillim refers to ‘independent film’, they mean it — no glorified cat videos or stupid human tricks a la YouTube. Audiences have, at their fingers, access to film festivals around the world. Foreign-language titles and lo-fi cult classics are being added daily to the Fillim library.

Some sceptics will ask how this media hub is any different from file sharing or torrent hoarding. For one, all movies are streamed through the user’s personal Fillim.com page, so no bandwidth-bursting downloads or file storage to worry about.

Second, Fillim isn’t trying to play footsie with intellectual property law. The team is actively working with industry reps, film schools and festivals, and even actors — Lochie Daddo sits on the company’s advisory board — to secure and distribute wider selections of content.

“Fillim embodies the very philosophy of being by the people, for the people,” the team says. “The democratic, flexible and dynamic nature of its platform, eptiomises how society can be transformed through the process of film distribution.”

Plus, knowing that this revolution in film-watching originated with an Australian company? That just beams with Cool.

Welcome to Fillim.com


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