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Are you a marketer? This is what you need to know about personalised live video


There’s always a marketing trend or buzzword and it’s not always easy to know which ones will stick. This year we’ve seen the rise of video content and consumption and it is showing no signs of declining with one Facebook executive going as far as to predict that the platform could be ‘all video’ within five years.

The more video that’s out there, the more essential it is for content to be relevant for the intended audience. We’re seeing many companies investing big dollars into programmatic ad buying, though they’re missing the opportunity to make the content as relevant and impactful as it can be by delivering the message via personalised live video.

Data-driven video is opening the door for companies to hit customers and potential clients with personalised video in real-time, when it’s most likely they are emotionally and mentally open to receiving those messages.

So what do you need to know about live video?

So it’s like a video mail merge?

What we’re doing is so much more than just mail merge in a video but rather about producing a highly personalised story that brings the customer to the fore and personally connects with them. For us, the art is in the subtlety – a successful live video isn’t brash, but one that the viewer may not even realise is different to the next person.

It sounds expensive and time-consuming

We’ve created an API generated system that allows campaigns to be created directly off a client’s internal CRM or marketing platform, fully automating the process and inputting insights and tracking back into the database.

Technical details aside, the key information for marketers to know is the time it takes us to complete the process and spit out a unique video is four seconds or less, for as little as 46 cents per video.

We don’t have a large database

A common misperception is that companies need highly detailed databases to start with though it’s surprising how far a little data can go when it comes to personalising video. Even knowing as little as someone’s year of birth and where they live allows us to start making subtle changes that make it a more personal experience for the viewer.

Another misperception is that ‘data’ has to come from a company database – we can pull data from a database or CRM though can also tap into real-time website behaviour or a person’s public social media information.

What can I do with it?

The extent to which data can be utilised and the speed that the resulting video can be created and delivered provides opportunity marketers could only dream of previously! We’ve created videos to explain complicated services, allow companies to meet compliance regulations, build relationships and convert sales.

What this means in reality is that within seconds of receiving a report of a car accident, an insurance provider can send a personalised video reassuring their customer that a tow truck is on its way to their location, the next steps and specifics on what their insurance covers. A real estate agent can send a homebuyer or seller a video report including specific information about their location such as recent sales and suburb statistics. A restaurant or bar can send their patrons a video thanking them for coming and letting them know about upcoming events or offering targeted specials.

Renece Brewster is the CEO and co-founder of two companies including one that’s breaking barriers and innovating in the video marketing space. She launched a corporate video production company back in 2008 but after getting a personalised EDM from Flybys thought there must be a way to send the same personalised info but through video. She set out to create the technology to make that happen and launched Data Creative in July 2015. Since then they’ve created live video campaigns for Ray White, Bupa, NAB, realestate.com.au, Coles, Hawthorn and Sydney Football Clubs.

Renece Brewster

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