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Kaplan plugs e-books into postgraduate studies


In a bid to be the leading provider of online education and innovative learning strategies in Australia, Kaplan Professional is introducing e-books for postgraduate students this year.

Leveraging the expertise of Kaplan Inc., the parent company of Kaplan Professional, the e-books are advanced digital versions of traditional subject notes and use the latest in educational technology to provide students with greater interactivity and accessibility.

The e-books give students the option of accessing online research, discussion forums and pre-recorded lectures through links in the course notes, and the ability to write and save comments on their notes.

And students appear to recognise that technology-based learning is the future for career-enhancing education. A recent survey of Kaplan Professional students found that 83% believe e-books will be widely used by other education providers within the next few years, while 89% believe education providers will deliver more courses online.

“The majority of our students are time poor and in desperate need of flexibility,” said Neil Shilbury, Kaplan Australia chief executive. “The e-books address both issues because they give students the ability to study anytime or anywhere, as well as more time to study as they are available four weeks before the trimester officially begins.

“We’ll continue to draw on the technology and experience of Kaplan Inc. to develop new and sophisticated learning resources and tailored, adaptive education programs to align with our students’ needs here in Australia.”

Postgraduate student Ross Gulliford, the head of investment services at a leading provider of investment and advisory services, Kaplan is making learning much easier than he thought possible.

“Having been away from study for nearly 20 years, I approached the first subject of the course I had enrolled at with Kaplan with some trepidation,” Gulliford said. “But I have been pleasantly surprised by the reading material available, the support provided and, most of all, the convenience of the downloadable lectures. I am really looking forward to the new e-book format as I believe these will further enhance the flexibility of the course.”

Image by Andrew Mason