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Just how awesome is 3D printing? The answer ‘pretty awesome’ doesn’t quite cover it [VIDEO]


I’ve been raving on about 3D printing for a few years now. I’m intrigued by the RepRap printer that is, technically, a self-replicating machine. It can print most of it’s own parts, thus creating another printer.

Yes, yes. I’ve seen Terminator and the rise of the machines. But, I’m not convinced that 3D printers are going to lead to the downfall of civilisation.

I do, however, think that 3D printing will revolutionise manufacturing and retail. Why go to the shops when you can print what you want from home? It will be the owners of the IP of what we need to print, that will be king.

While I patiently await the delivery of my Makerbot 3D printer, purchased from Kickstarter, I keep stumbling across videos that showcase just how much 3D printing is spurring our creativity.

This video, from CNetTV, shows off some creations that were on display at the London 3D printing showcase last year.

3D printing is even influencing Hollywood. Iron Man’s mask and gloves are now being 3D printed. Which, if you think about it, is a very Tony Stark thing to do.

Hat tip to Charles Young for this video.

London 3D printing show