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Jamie Xuereb, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention


What is 30under30?

30under30 is an Anthill initiative launched in early 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians. Since this year saw more outstanding entries than ever before, we thought we would highlight some of the bright and innovative nominees who just missed Top 30 by a wink. Behold, our 2011 30under30 Honourable Mentions! More.

Jamie Xuereb, VIC (b. 1988)

Name: Jamie Xuereb
Age: 23 (Born: July 1988)
Gender: Male
State: VIC

In the fast-paced Internet world, three years can feel like fifty. It was way back in 2008 that Jamie Xuereb, then still a teenager, first earned Anthill acclaim for his digital printing business, Mediapoint.

Well, in 2011, Mediapoint is still profitable, with over 2,000 clients, and Xuereb, far from being washed up at 23, would like you to know he isn’t finished yet.

Xuereb (pronounced “SHORE-ebb”) got a big boost in 2009 when he won the Global Student Entrepreneur Award for Australia. The publicity that came with this honour allowed him to gain more traction for Mediapoint, which he originally co-founded with his brother, Jason, in 2006.

Now a new venture is opening up more doors. The brothers’ latest project, Fun Wall Stickers, might be branded Mediapoint, Family Edition. A natural outgrowth of their existing business, Fun Wall Stickers came about when friends with newborns asked if they could apply their sticker production to children’s graphics.

The stickers are made with reusable fabric and take advantage of over a thousand individual graphic elements, so that they appeal to the little ones while going easy on the walls.

Xuereb  is taking the company growth in stride… like a proud parent, one might say. With his relative longevity, he has his eyes on greater exploits to come.

“What has driven me as an entrepreneur the most is the dynasty I want to build,” he says. “People will remember me for Mediapoint and the businesses I make. But having a multimillion-dollar empire in the future is a great way to be remembered.”

Anthill asks: Jamie Xuereb, complete this statement: “I’m entrepreneurial because…”

“I took a risk while everyone else around me went down a straight and secure path.”

Jamie Xuereb on Mediapoint’s Wall Stickers for Children


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