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Will Microsoft Australia marry Will and Kate?


One man, one PC, one week to organise a wedding.

Or, to put it another way — warning, Prince William, you could land the job of organising a royal wedding by yourself if Microsoft Australia has its way.

The company’s Australian subsidiary said it was embarking on a social experiment to give away a $25,000 wedding and honeymoon package in early December. Ah, but the Marry Me, Microsoft contest has one rather large catch.

The groom — who will be selected from a Facebook application process launched on 17 November — will have just five days (6 to 10 December) to organise the entire wedding using only an Internet-connected PC loaded with Windows 7, Office 2010 and Windows Live Essentials while living in a “bachelor bubble” in Sydney’s CBD.

Meanwhile, his bride, who will not be allowed to participate in the planning process or aid her fiancé, will be pampered like a true princess during a five-day luxury holiday on the Gold Coast.

And yes, Microsoft Australia sent an application to the bluebloods in Windsor. No word on whether William applied.

Over the course of the five-day challenge, the groom will complete a series of tasks to ensure he gets every detail of the wedding planned. He will have to rely on his resourcefulness and Microsoft’s tools to source necessities like a wedding dress, a venue and the flowers.

The groom will eat, sleep and dream the wedding while the general public follows his progress and interact with him in person at the bachelor bubble as well as online through the company’s Facebook page. Microsoft said it would reveal the location of the bachelor bubble in the lead-up to 6 December. (Applications were closed 20 November.)

It is expected the couple will be married between before the year is out. And no, Steve Ballmer will not preside over the ceremony.