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It’s your birthday YouTube! Look at how one company has changed the world [VIDEO]


It was a time before the smart phone (BSP). All of our internet activity was done on laptops and desktops.

And, it was only eight years ago.

At this crazy moment in our history, three former employees at PayPal had an idea about being able to share videos online.

Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim launched YouTube onto the unsuspecting world in February 2005. The trio raised $11.5 million in funding in its second six months to grow the business. About a year after that, Google bought the business for $1.65 billion.

Chad Hurley received 694,087 Google shares directly and another 41,232 shares in a trust. Steve Chen and Jawed Karim received 625,366 shares and 137,443 shares, respectively valued at $326 million and $65 million.

Now, in its eighth year, there are 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. Yes, every minute. That works out to be 144,000 hours of video added every single day. The site also recently crossed into the territory of having one billion visitors each month.

And now it’s birthday time!

To celebrate its eighth birthday, YouTube has launched comedy week.

This video is a look at what life would be like if you’d been on an eight year holiday from the internet.

It’s a musical number by none other than the Gregory Brothers, who came to fame with their Auto-tune the News YouTube videos. You may remember them from such classics as the Bed Intruder Song (115+ million views on YouTube since 2010).

This birthday celebration song shows exactly how much YouTube has contributed to humanity.

The History of YouTube by The Gregory Brothers