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It’s back! How To Build a Global Empire in your Underpants… Reloaded. [WEBINAR]


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Outsourcing, offshoring and crowdsourcing (Harness the power of the global talent pool)


When: Wednesday 1 Feb 2012, 12-noon
Where: At your laptop, Mac or PC!
Cost: Complimentary*

You know the feeling.

There’s not enough time in the day to get all the niggling, annoying, mundane tasks done.

Plus, you want to build your brand. You know that it’s essential to work ‘on’ your business and not just ‘in’ it.

But where can you find the time?

If this sounds familiar, don’t fret. You are not alone!

This is the problem that this webinar was created to solve.

How to build a global empire in your undies… reloaded!

Why should you attend this webinar? Well, does this sound like you?

  • You’re an upstart entrepreneur and you want to learn how to run a global empire in your underpants.
  • You’re an established business owner and want to unearth new ways to cut costs, without compromising quality.
  • You’re a big wig CEO and you’re wondering what’s all this hullabaloo about outsourcing, offshoring and crowdsourcing.

With the economy in its current state and the US dollar near parity, geo-arbitrage opportunities abound. (This simply means that it’s easier to pay for stuff OS.)

Combine that with the power of cloud tools, like DropBox, ScreenSteps, Dictamous and Screenflow, and it has suddenly become far easier than any time in history to employ and manage skilled staff and freelancers from all corners of the globe. (Register)

Be educated, engaged and entertained.

With the assistance of outsourcing extremist and author Pete Williams, we’ll be sharing the techniques he has used to build million-dollar e-commerce sites, a global marketing and communication agency, an international, award winning Telecommunications hardware company and largely replace himself in the process.

Plus, Anthill’s James Tuckerman (moi) will be working damn hard to keep you engaged and entertained for this one hour learning session. It’s the Anthill way, right! (Register)

Why choose this topic as an Anthill webinar?

In 2008, we had the plesaure of interviewing Adrian Giles, co-founder of Hitwise. This was shortly after he sold his business for a whopping $250 million.

When talking about ‘moving on’, he had these wise words to share:

“I used to think, ‘if my company goes belly up as soon as I leave, they really needed me’. But in reality, a good entrepreneur creates a business they work on, not in, that will survive them in every way. But the truth is that great entrepreneurs are measured by the success of what they leave behind.”

On that note, isn’t it about time that you made yourself redundant?

What’s a webinar?

If you’re a technical Luddite (or just strange and backward), according to Wikipedia:

A webinar is a neologism, short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web, specifically a portmanteau of web and seminar, to describe a specific type of web conference. A webinar can be collaborativeand include polling and question and answer sessions to allow full participation between the audience and the presenter.

If words like ‘neologism’ and ‘portmanteau’ get you confused, a webinar is simply a way to login, join a vibrant and instruction online-seminar, pose questions and participate in online learning.

How does is work?

Simply click the register button, follow the prompts and you’ll be sent reminders and login details when the time is right.

When: 1 February 2012, 12-noon
Where: At your laptop, Mac or PC!
Cost: Complimentary*

Click here to register.

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