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Is this possibly the stupidest headline you've read all year?


While wandering through the website of a major UK newspaper, I stumbled across a free ebook titled, ‘How to save money and beat the recession.’

Immediately, it prompted the thought:

“Could this be the worst, most destructive piece of generic advice proffered since the GFC grabbed our collective consciousness in its mind-mashing claws?

“Wouldn’t it be better for us all, if this headline actually read, ‘How to make money and beat the recession’?”

It’s a small difference with big implications. So, I began an exploration of the web to find such a piece (‘How to ‘make’ money). Instead, I encountered a mountain of items, just like this one:

Important: If you don’t want to lose five minutes of your valuable time (that you’ll never get back), don’t watch this video. Honestly, I may sound like an old grump, but I feel dumber for just sitting through the first 30 seconds.

We all know that penny-pinching, while often necessary, is not going to help stimulate the economy. At the same time, the creation of new revenue streams is likely to feed innovation, create jobs (or allow you to keep them) and will help circulate more money back into other businesses.

In theory, it’s not rocket science. In practice, it’s a little more complex.

That’s why we decided to ask you, our very innovative readers, to tell us how you have tweaked your own business models to build new revenue streams and make money in this destructively distracting economic climate (rather than ‘save’ it).

And, of course, we’ll publish the most interesting, innovative, inspiring and instructional in our Apr/May/Jun print edition. What will we call this collaborative article?

I’m sure you can guess (and it doesn’t include the word ‘save’). 😉