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This Melbourne-based file-sharing service is giving Google Drive and Dropbox a run for their money


Sixty Digits, a small Melbourne-based business has created a file-sharing service more than three times faster than the big boys of file sharing: the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer and Hightail.

Aptly named Digital Pigeon (you know, making files fly across the world), the file-sharing service is the brainchild of two Melbourne friends, Stuart Clayton, an Experience Design whiz, and Dan Washusen, a former Microsoft Enterprise Developer.

Washusen told Anthill that the idea came out of talking to his brother, a professional photographer, who was frustrated with sharing large files using the existing services.

“With our Experience Design and IT backgrounds, Stuart and I realised there was an opportunity to provide a file delivery tool specifically built for those that deal with large digital media files quickly, intuitively and beautifully,” he said.

The first major version was launched last October and a series of major updates have since been made, as well as apps for iOS, Mac and PC.

This pigeon is flying way faster than the rest of the flock

Washusen revealed that Digital Pigeon’s file‐sharing service is unique in that it utilises globally‐distributed servers based in business centres in the US, Europe, SE Asia and Australia, therefore resulting in much faster uploads and downloads, up to five times faster.

This translates into critical time savings, only taking 7 minutes to send 1GB of files, as long as you’ve got a strong internet connection at your end.


More to offer other than faster speeds

Aside from much faster downloads and uploads, Digital Pigeon has several other outstanding features, including allowing one to send bigger files – of 10GB – 100GB (depending on your plan); whereas most other services limit this to 1GB – 10GB.

“We also wanted to create a service that allowed people to share larger files – Digital Pigeon can send files that are double the size of our competitors, with a maximum file size of 20GB, up to 100GB for bespoke corporate plans,” Clayton remarked.

You can also fully customise your page with your own design, logo and colour scheme using an easy-to‐use appearance editor and receive instant email and mobile notifications about what’s happening with your files: who has viewed, previewed or downloaded which files.

In light of internet security being a huge concern today, Washusen pointed out, “All of our files feature bank‐grade encryption in transit and all files are store decrypted, ensuring end‐to‐end security. You can even add your own password for extra security.”

What success has Digital Pigeon achieved so far?

Since it was launched in September 2013, Digital Pigeon has attracted numerous local and international clients from Channel Seven, Shell, Red Bull, Daimler Mercedes and Toyota to photography, video and audio post-production clients such as DDB, Clemenger, Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy working in the advertising and media industry.

This Australian-born service has even made it to Hollywood. “Digital Pigeon often gets used in major movie and TV production, including in the making of one of the Breaking Bad episodes by way of a music licensing company in LA that uses us,” Clayton revealed.

Washusen said it is really exciting to see how Digital Pigeon is performing: attracting thousands of customers all over the world, including high profile ones, despite having no major launch.