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The search is on for the most flexible, but no Olympic gymnasts are allowed [VIDEO]


Can you cartwheel? Do a handstand? Possibly even the splits or a back flip?

No to all of the above and can’t even touch your toes?! That is good because neither can I.

But, there’s a different way to be flexible.

The people’s people at JobFlex are asking Australian business to explain in 500 words or less why their organisation is the most flexible in Australia.

Check out the video below. Be creative, be different but be sure to clearly articulate and give examples of the way or ways your organisation is flexible.

The individual who submits the winning entry (as either an Employer or Employee) will receive a $500 Westfield voucher. The organisation chosen as Australia’s Most Flexible Organisation will receive unlimited free advertising, logo display and link on JobFlex for 12 months.

Get in your gym gear because entries close midnight 31st July 2013.

The search is on for Australia’s Most Flexible Organisation


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