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Threadless sends invoice to 'some f-cker from downunder'


After meeting Threadless Art Director Ross Zietz in June, I mentioned the very avante-garde online t-shirt company to my local barista.

Trent’s a t-shirt aficionado.

He puts almost as much passion into his t-shirts as his coffee.

Excited by the Threadless concept (an online store that puts t-shirt design decisions into the hands of its customers), Trent was proud to tell me, within 24 hours, that he had already purchased three t-shirts and was chomping at the bit for their delivery.

I also had outlined to Trent the ‘maverick’ marketing techniques employed by Threadless and the low-key attitudes of its founders and staff. The company is clearly one that embraces fun as part of its raison d’entre.

For that reason, Trent found the comment left at the bottom on his receipt almost endearing.

threadless down under

This, of course, left us wondering.

Has Threadless adopted insulting its clients as part of its marketing strategy (for Trent, this unusual approach clearly worked) or has the company acquired a rogue ‘receipt-dispatcher’ hell bent on offending anyone of antipodean descent?

(Insert maniacal laughter here.)