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Brisbane duo create a language therapy app that makes learning English fun for kids [VIDEO]


An innovative new language app, Key Word Kids, was recently launched globally on iTunes.

Designed to help kids learn early English language skills through key word association, it will particularly come in handy for helping those experiencing language and learning difficulties.

Language professionals, Janet Eales, a special education teacher and guidance counsellor and Sue Park, a speech pathologist are the heroines behind this ground-breaking Key Word Kids app.

Together, they developed the app with the support of Queensland start-up incubator, ilab.

It is suitable for use by all children including young learners of ‘English as a Second Language’ but has been specially designed to help those with language disorders, apraxia, learning difficulties or autism, while making the entire process fun for the kids.

How does the Key Words Kids app work?

It supports English language development through instructions using key words.

Using the app, children visit various scenes to listen, retain information from increasingly complex sentences and follow instructions to improve their language skills. They also practise their language expression and play with additional rewarding mini-games.

Park said the app is based on the globally recognised Key Word approach and is suitable for 1 – 12 year old children with language disorders or learning difficulties.

“The app for speech pathologists, teachers, parents, occupational therapists to use both in therapy sessions and for parents to use at home,” added Eales.

The app is now available to purchase on iTunes. Take a look at how exactly it works below.