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What if you could set the most complex passwords you can possibly think of without having to worry about remembering them?


Whenever we are creating a new account somewhere online, most of us would rather set a simple password; one we can type even absent-mindedly, rather than a stronger and safer complex one but which taxes our memory a bit more.

No wonder many of us have settled for the likes of “abc123” and “iloveyou” for passwords, and hence left ourselves wide open to hackers and identity thieves.

But what if we could set hard passwords without having to worry about remembering them?

This is exactly what MOGOplus, a free personal profile manager app, is trying to do. MOGOplus stores your login credentials – from bank accounts to utilities to social networks – enabling you to securely access them from your smartphone or tablet with a single click.

It basically lets you check on and transact across multiple accounts from one screen.

How does MOGOplus work?

With MOGOplus, you only have to remember your MOGO username and password and the app will take care of the rest. Therefore, you can set the most complex passwords you can possibly fathom, different across your online accounts without having to worry about remembering them.

“Your passwords are stored in a highly encrypted digital safe that’s always with you on your device,” Andrew Clouston, founder and CEO of MOGOplus explains.

All my passwords in one app? How safe is this MOGOplus?

MOGOplus, protected by bank-grade security, supports all major banks, telcos, loyalty programs, web gambling services, social media sites and online share trading platforms used by Australians. Once you log off MOGO you are logged out of all your accounts.

Take note though that MOGOplus is much more than a simple app to store your passwords.

It uses unique and patented technologies to allow users to login to high-security sites directly through the app. MOGO’s servers don’t ever access a bank account or any account for that matter as the entire process is conducted on the user’s device.

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