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Their Houzz, your Home: World’s leading home renovation and design site opens its doors in Australia


You want to redo your barbie deck, and the wife wants a new kitchen. How on earth are you going to figure out the best way to do it all?

Enter Houzz, the world’s leading platform for home renovation and design.

And, luckily for Australians, Houzz is set to tap into Australia’s $33 billion home renovation market with the launch of its localised site, Houzz.com.au and the opening of its Australian office. Strong local demand for the Houzz offering, which helps people renovate and design their homes from start to finish, prompted the company’s expansion into Australia.

At launch, over 700,000 Australian homeowners are already using the Houzz site and apps every month to seek design inspiration, access home renovation advice, source products and hire home professionals.

Australian trade professionals are already active on Houzz as well, with over 10,000 home professionals using the site to showcase their work, build their brands and reach new clients.

Globally, Houzz has grown organically to more than 20 million monthly unique users ­– 90 percent of whom are homeowners – and over 450,000 active home professionals in more than 60 categories such as architects, interior designers, builders, tradies and more. Over 35 percent of the company’s traffic now comes from outside the U.S. and its move into Australia marks the launch of its second international site.

One of those professionals using Houzz outside of the U.S. is interior designer Jenni Loppnow, the founder of online design company Onespace. “Houzz is a fantastic site for inspiration and design ideas,” explained Loppnow. “You never get tired of seeing what people are up to and how they use space.”

Houzz also offers Onespace clients an easy way to see you a design concept works in reality. “It’s great for clients to reference style preferences, and when you are working in the online space without a lot of contact between client and company, it really makes the transmission of ideas easy,” concluded Loppnow.

Houzz brings design trends and ideas from everywhere to everyone, and it is this world-wide relevance that has enabled Houzz to grow so quickly.

“Houzz is a global company. We can offer our community inspirational projects, guides and articles written by experts, and access to products, materials and professionals from all over the world. At the same time, we’re able to bring the localized experience that homeowners and home professionals want,” said Adi Tatarko, CEO and cofounder of Houzz. “We’re thrilled to bring this enhanced experience to Australia and to build a dedicated, local team that can deliver the best technology, products and experience for this community.”