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    Guinness record-holder TechCollect to focus on B2B e-waste


    Electronic waste, or e-waste, is serious business. Last year, TechCollect – Australia’s industry-led initiative – mounted a Guinness record, no less, in safely collecting and putting away consumer electronics.

    This year, the non-profit is focusing on B2B to bring similar force and success in sweeping away tons of computer and IT waste generated by the corporate world.

    “This year, we’ll continue to raise the profile of e-waste recycling among individuals, small business and households, and growing our national network of collection sites; but medium to large businesses generating high volumes of IT e-waste are going to get special attention,” said Sonya Blondinau, Channel Manager for TechCollect. “They have a big problem knowing how to safely and efficiently dispose of their unwanted IT, and we have a solution.”

    In only two years of its existence, TechCollect is making a huge difference. It, literally, smashed televisions on its way to the Guinness record. In a seven-day period, TechCollect’s tireless workers collected a massive 474 tonnes of consumer electronics waste, winning the endorsement of the Guinness Book of World Records. It also exceeded its TV collection target for 2012-13 under the Australian Federal Government’s National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. Of the e-waste it collected last year, TechCollect also recovered more than 90% of the raw materials, including fully treating leaded glass.

    “2013 was a busy, challenging and exhilarating year, with gratifying results. Our most important achievement was successfully setting up an industry-backed collection and recycling service that is free to the public, while allowing the IT and TV manufacturers who are our members to meet their obligations under the scheme,” said TechCollect CEO Carmel Dollisson.

    TechCollect is a free e-waste recycling service funded by over 60 of Australia’s leading technology importers and manufacturers, including Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Fuji Xerox, Panasonic and Epson. It provides over 150 collection services across Australia.