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You’ve got a butler. Now get peace of mind, too


So, Occasional Butler brought you the best, and most competitive, bids to do your garden, or maybe, clean your carpet – tasks that seem horribly challenging in today’s world and one that we simply can’t live without.

Now, add peace of mind to the smorgasbord of butler services.

Co-founder Erz Imam has added insurance to all its services, so that you need never worry that a provider may end up damaging your precious Persian carpet.

Occasional Butler has signed a deal with Lloyd’s to provide insurance of up to $20 million for services provided by its fleet of over 1,500 butlers.

Even before launching Occasional Butler, Imam says, he was thinking “about ways we could build a truly safe marketplace.” Also, some customers posed the question: How can I be confident that in the event of theft, damage or injury I as a customer can be protected?”

Cutting risks to enhance value

Recent experiences such as that of the vacation rental company Airbnb – nearly upended by rogue renters damaging property – may have hastened Imam’s journey toward setting up insurance on the quick.

“From Airbnb’s example, we saw the way in which perception was fundamentally turned around by the ($900,000) insurance Airbnb put in place for all hosts. This incident was one in a million but the insurance policy creates a peace of mind for all users of the marketplace,” says Imam.

Six months ago, Occasional Butler began talking to Geoff Stooke of Modern Risk Solutions about an all-encompassing public liability policy.

“Insurance is one element of safety for butlers and customers…By putting insurance in place we are providing both customers and butlers peace of mind,” Imam says. “In a new marketplace this is important for growth as it removes a barrier. “

Occasional Butler’s insurance cover will protect all the butlers against personal injury and third party property damage. It will, of course, not cover service failure and has standard exclusions. Occasional Butler The insurance comes free.

“We expect users to feel more confident in using Occasional Butler which will lead to greater growth,” says Imam.

Started in 2012, by Iman and his wife Jodie, Occasional Butler initially served the Melbourne area. Today, its services are available in the Sydney area as well with over 1,500 butlers on its network.

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