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Go one step further than having a standing desk [VIDEO]


We’ve all heard that sitting is the new smoking; in terms of what it is doing to our health.

We all sit too much, often because that is what is required to do our jobs, build our business and, even for recreation.

The move to standing desks, stand-up meetings and walking meetings are all a good start.

But, if you stand for too long, it can cause other bad habits like locking knees and over extending ligaments.

So, what if you could move around while working at your standing desk?

Joel Heath likes to snowboard. He found his body hated sitting at a desk, so he moved to a standing desk yet, he still knew his body needed more.

He is the inventor of Level Up. It’s a highly stylish looking device that looks half like a skateboard without wheels but also a bit like a snowboard designed by Alessi.

On Indigogo it has raised $200,000 with still a week to go. He originally needed $40,000 to fund the project.

The Level Up may just save your life!

Level Up from Fluidstance

Level Up from FluidStance on Vimeo.