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Go-anywhere bicycle folds to size of a wheel


We at Anthill are suckers for innovative product design and this cool, fold-up bike prototype is right down our alley.

The bike (the handiwork of US student Dominic Hargreaves) quickly folds down to the size of its rear wheel, meaning it can be stored under your desk.

Bye, bye bike thieves.

Gone are the days when fold-up bikes could only be ridden in straight lines for fear they would collapse when rounding a corner. However, I’m not sure you’d pilot this bad boy down a mountain at 60 kilometres an hour without a dash of anxiety.

And how cool would it be pimped out with some funky LED wheel displays?

We were also pleased to learn about Switch Commuter Bike (designed by Monash University student Robert Dumaresq), which took an Australian Design Award gong this year, for anyone seeking inspiration from closer to home.