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This new tech startup is here to help local retailers tackle the Amazon threat [VIDEO]


With the arrival of Amazon, it is more important than ever for retail businesses to look at smart and alternate ways to drive traffic in store. We are already starting to see the decline of some businesses not embracing innovative technology or ways to drive traffic in store. The ones that do, will be the ones that survive.

Stampp is a new world first, positive opinion only, online social advocacy platform and app, built by Aussies for Australia.

According to Adam Dobson, the founder of Stampp, “Retailers need to come up with offers and deals enticing shoppers in-store, but more importantly though, they need to use platforms that get the message of deals and offer out to as many potential buyers as possible, way beyond just the foot traffic walking bye. They need to embrace and use new, smart platforms that allow them to do this and we specifically built Stampp to help them achieve this”.

Retailers have recognized that it is becoming increasingly hard to reach customers via social channels as there is so much content being published making visibility in news feeds increasingly competitive and the hope of driving traffic in store even harder.

Facebook admits that only around 1% of fans see business updates, creating a challenge for a business relying on Facebook marketing to reach their customers. Posts disappear in minutes with so much data on the platform, and it’s very hard to go back and find stuff again.

How exactly does Stampp work?

With Stampp, things don’t disappear, posts are permanently stored and always available. Deals and offers are all in one central place making them easy to find an evaluate. Best of all, there isn’t a load of non-relevant posts, cat videos, or adverts, the user has to wade through.

Stampp allows users to keep all their business-related stuff in Stampp and all their personal related stuff in Facebook, making life simple, organized and easy.

For a user, Stampp works by allowing friends to find, organize, and share all the businesses they like and use, (like a black book of all the businesses they like and use) all in one central place in their phone.

When a user “Stampp’s” a business, it’s permanently stored in the user’s phone and automatically categorized, making it easy to find in the future, and easy to share with friends and colleagues.

For a business, they simply search and claim their business on Stampp. (Most businesses are already set up). Once claimed, the business can then post offers or deals to the platform, that users can redeem in-store.

When the deal or offer is posted, it’s immediately available to everyone on the Stampp platform, and for users who have “Stampp’d” or are “following” the business, they get an immediate notification alert directly to their mobile phone notifying them of the deal or offer.

Reeling in more returning customers

Additionally, retail businesses who claim their business on Stampp get a sticker to put in the window that let customers know they are on Stampp, and they also get flyers they can drop in the bag of shoppers encouraging them to “Stampp” and “follow” their business.

Consumers often walk past shops they like, but are too busy to stop, or the shop is closed, and they often forget the name and don’t return. The Stampp sticker allows them to open the App, know the business is at the top of the list, Stampp it, have it automatically categorized and saved and know it’s easily find it again when they want to come back to the shop or view the business online.

For retailers that already have an existing database of customers, the Stampp platform allows businesses to send out deals and offers at scale via Email, Facebook or Twitter making it a very powerful tool to drive potential customers in- store at scale.

Stampp is free for users and FREE for businesses for a 30-day trial period, and thereafter it is $19 per month with no lock in contract periods, simply use it month by month. Go here to claim your business, get your sticker, and get started

Watch Stampp in action below