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Gamifying business growth: Introducing Simon Mackay, MD at Web Marketing Experts [VIDEO]


Web Marketing Experts is a company built on gamification from the ground up. At every management conference there’s talk about what a ‘gamified’ workforce might look like. But, there’s a real gap in terms of examples of organisations who are leading the field.

Simon Mackay is GM at Web Marketing Experts, and in this interview we talk about how building a gamified workforce has driven incredible growth. How incredible? In the past year the company has tripled from 50 to 150 employees.

I have no doubt you’re going to read a Harvard Case Study at some stage on what’s happening in this organisation. Real time measurement, live metrics, objective based management, and monthly performance reviews (that are made transparent to the entire company).

Some of the topics that Simon and I cover in this interview:

• What a gamified workforce actually looks like
• Why real time management dashboards are so critical
• Why Web Marketing Experts has performance reviews every month
• How full transparency around performance drives results and improvement
• The company is a great example of the “Fast Moving Organisations” trend that we’re increasingly seeing drive high performance in the mid-market.

Over the next few weeks there’s a couple more interviews coming with CEOs who are adopting time based management techniques with great success.

Interview with Simon Mackay, Web Marketing Experts


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