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Ethnic Business Awards 2010


Ethnic Business Awards

The Ethnic Business Awards was founded in 1988 by Joseph Assaf to highlight the contribution that migrants have made in social and economic development of Australia. Recognizing that Australia has been built on a culture of migration this award also showcases the ingenuity and multiethnic diversity within the Australian business community. It also emphasises that Australia is a nation where opportunity is available in all sectors of the economy to migrants from around the world.


National Australian Bank, Etihad Airways, Australian Government/Austrade, Australian Government/Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Doric Group, Design Awards, Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, Astra Limousines, mbf, Neos Kosmos, Fair Work for Small Business, Special Broadcasting Service, Australia Network, TVBA, Aurora Community Channel, The Chinese Newspaper Group and India Link.

Ethnic Business Awards Benefits:

Award winners for the Ethnic Business awards receive a cash award for themselves or donated to a charity of their choice, a crystal trophy, services and prizes from the sponsor, and air travel from Etihad Airways. The Awards Gala is broadcast on several television and radio networks and the award will receive publicity from the sponsors and associated media. All finalists will receive an invitation to the gala ceremony and paid travel expenses for two.

The award winners for the Ethnic Business Awards in 2009 received the following prizes:

1)      $10 000 dollars from National Australian Bank

2)      Business Class Tickets for two provided by Etihad Airlines to any destination worldwide.

3)      A hand crafted crystal trophy

4)      Services and prizes that have been provided by the Ethnic Business Awards sponsors.

5)      Press coverage

All finalists will are invited to the gala award dinner, travel expenses for two representatives of each business will be provided.

Award Dates and Deadlines:

August 16: Nominations close

TBA: Gala Ceremony

Are you Eligible?

All entrants must meet the following conditions:

1) Entrants must have been born outside of Australia.

2) Entrants must either hold citizenship or be a permanent resident of Australia

3) Entrants must hold and provide an Australian Business Number.

4) Entrants can either own whole or part of the company.

5) The company must have diligent and transparent financial records.

If an entrant is selected as a nominee for an award category they must provide biographical information and participate in the creation of three minute documentary about themself and their business.

All entrants will be judged based personal perseverance, business success and social contributions that have been made by the entrant.

Specific Criteria includes the following:

1) Hardship overcome

2)Financial obstacles

3)Social Obstacles

4) Company financial viability

5)Fiscal application to company

6)Positioning in the market place

7)Potential Future Growth in the marketplace

8)Creativeness and Ingenuity in the market place

Ethnic Business Award Categories:

Small Business

The annual turnover of the company is less than $5 million dollars (AUD) per annum.

Medium/Large Business

The annual turnover of the company is greater than $5 million dollars (AUD) per annum.

How to Enter:

Entry forms are available online and can be made either directly on the following link

www.ethnicbusinessawards.com/nomination_start or they can be downloaded in a PDF format from the Ethnic Business Awards homepage.

All entrants will have to first register with the Ethnic Business Awards. After the registration has been received the entrant will be provided details on how to complete the nomination package.

Selected finalists will be interviewed by a documentary film crew.

Ethnic Business Award Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  + 61 9568 5022

Fax: + 61 9568 5633


Level 2

256 Norton Street

Leichhardt NSW 2040


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