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    CeBIT.AU Business Awards 2010


    CeBIT.AU Business Awards 2010

    The CeBIT.AU Business awards recognise excellence, innovation and achievement in the information and communication technology industry. The CeBIT AU Business Awards is presented annually at the ICT dinner during CeBIT Australia held in May. CeBIT Australia is a business to business event that was first organized in Australia in 2002 to allow information and communication technology users, developers, vendors and manufacturers from Australia and around the world to network and discuss ideas and issues about their industry.

    Founded: 2008

    CeBIT.AU Business Award Benefits

    The award winner in each of the six categories will receive a trophy and the right to use CeBIT.AU award winner logo on their website and in their marketing material for 12 months after the award ceremony. CeBIT is considered one of the most prestigious non-vendor brands in the information and communication technology industry.

    Award Date and Deadlines 2010

    March 8: Applications Open

    April 30: Final Day for Applications

    May 6: Finalists Announced by media release and notice is posted on CeBIT website.

    May 25: ICT Dinner Sydney, Announcement and presentation of awards

    Are You Eligible?

    In order to participate in the CeBIT.AU awards 2010 the entrant must be an exhibitor at CeBIT 2010. Most categories are open to both Australian and International vendors, international products can be entered by Australian vendors and resellers as long as the product is exhibited at CeBIT 2010.  The CeBIT.AU Early Innovators Award is open only to Australian and New Zealand Businesses. Applicants to the awards may nominate themselves for than one award category, but a nomination form must be completed for each category. A specific criterion is provided for the judging of each award.

    CeBIT.AU Business Award Categories

    CeBIT.AU Excellence in New Media Award 2010

    This award recognises products and services operating in the New Media sector. It is open to local and international vendors. The entrant’s product or service must be a fully commercial offering within the Australian market

    Selection Criteria

    10% -Is the basic value proposition of this product/service compelling?

    10% -Is the solution responsive to the ever-changing media landscape?

    25% -Are the usability/design philosophies of the product/service elegant and functional?

    15% -What is the commercial success of this product/service to date?

    10% -Does this product/service create business opportunities for other business products/services around it?

    40% -What is the ongoing commercial potential for the product/service?

    CeBIT.AU Business Advantage Award 2010

    This Award is given to the product or service that provides business benefit to its users. It covers products and solutions that service any industry and is applicable across all CeBIT Australia exhibition categories. The product or service that receives this award is best crafted to its target market and it must be sold in the Australian market.

    Selection Criteria

    20% -Does this product/service deliver immediate business benefit to its target customer?

    20% -Does this product/service deliver a measurable competitive advantage to target customers?

    20% -Is this product/service fit for purpose, value for money in its stated objective?

    30% -Does this product/service offer a strategic advantage to it users?

    CeBIT.AU Excellence in Communications Award 2010

    This award seeks to highlight new innovation in the communications sector. It can be awarded for either an innovation in product or services involving data and mobile communications. This category is open to both local and international vendors provided that the product or service is sold in the Australian market.

    Selection Criteria

    20% -Does this product/service deliver clear business advantage to its customer in its stated target market?

    20%-Is this product/service fit for purpose, value for money in its stated objective?

    20%-Does this product display outstanding innovation to reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve productivity for its customers?

    20%-Does this problem solve business challenges for customers?

    20% -Can this product/service be easily and quickly deployed?

    CeBIT.AU Early Innovators Award 2010

    This award provides a showcase for pre-commercialisation ideas, innovations and prototypes being developed in Australia and New Zealand. Entries for this award can come from the private sector or public sector with the aim of providing a platform for these innovators to generate interest in their developments.

    Selection Criteria

    30% -Does this prototype or development effort show outstanding innovation?

    20% -Does this prototype or development effort display a clear understanding of its target market?

    20% -Will this prototype or development effort deliver business value and competitive advantage to its target customer?

    30%-What is the commercial potential of this prototype or development effort?

    CeBIT.AU Excellence in Technology Services Award 2010

    This Award is dedicated to hosted, managed and outsourced services sector that provide ICT service products either within Australia or New Zealand or provide services to overseas customers. Software development providers, systems integrators, project management firms, hosted solutions providers and on-demand software companies are all eligible. The award is open to local and multinational companies that offer ICT service products in Australia.

    Selection Criteria

    30%- Does this service offer true competitive advantage to its target customer segment?

    30%- Has this service been highly-valued by its targeted customer segment as measured by success in the market?

    30% -Does this service offer customers flexibility in billing and innovative service solutions?

    10% -Is this service offered outside the Australian market as well?

    CeBIT.AU Innovative IT Security Award 2010

    This Award recognises services or products designed to enhance enterprise and IT. These products and services should have innovative features with proven success of preventing IT security threats.

    Selection Criteria

    30%- Does this product or service offer unique approach to data and application security?

    30%- Can the product or service address threats of tomorrow as well as current security risks?

    30%-Does this product or service provides customers with add-on value for enterprise?

    10% -Is this product or service offered across multiple platforms and devices?

    CeBIT.AU Advanced Retail Technology Award 2010

    This award highlights innovations enhancing the retail sector through technology. The product or service must be sold in the Australian market.

    Selection Criteria

    30%- Does this product or service offer true competitive advantage to retail sector businesses?

    30%-Does this product or service offer a different approach to streamlining processes within the retail business chain?

    30%-Does this product or service remove traditional barriers within the retail sector?

    10%-Can this product or service be applied to small retailers as well as to large retailers?

    How to Enter:

    CeBIT.AU Business awards recommends that all applicants read the nomination guidelines about each award category before making submission. The nomination guidelines can be found on the following link: http://www.cebit.com.au/assets/pdf/cebit-awards-nomination-guidelines.pdf

    Once an applicant has selected the categories that they wish to be nominated in, entry form are available on the home website or by clicking on the following link: http://www.cebit.com.au/2010/events/cebit-awards-night/business-awards-submission

    CeBIT Business Awards Contact Details:

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: +61 2 9280 3400