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Ei Sabai Nyo, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Up-and-Comer


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What is 30under30?

30under30 is an Anthill initiative launched in 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians. This year’s batch of nominees was extensive and impressive. So much so that we believe several young talents who didn’t snag 30under30 top honours still deserve your attention and recognition. We’re calling them our Up-and-Comers. More.

Ei Sabai Nyo, NSW (b. 1983)

Name: Ei Sabai Nyo
Age: 27 (Born: October 1983)
Gender: Female
State: NSW

Ei Sabai Nyo’s entrepreneurial rise may have coincided with the soaring Australian dollar, but that doesn’t mean the one is pegged to the other.

The dollar, however, has much to do with Online Shopping USA, a site that’s built on the premise that Aussies, with greater buying power, will acquire more American goods if they’re easy to access.

The site, which Nyo launched earlier this year, catalogues the most upscale accessories from various online retailers based in the US, some of which offer free or discounted shipping to Australia.

“One of the barriers that influences people’s decisions to shop online is the lack of information and trust in the security of overseas online stores,” she says. “Online Shopping USA aims to remove that barrier.”

Nyo also runs Anansi Web Development, an open-source technology company that provides solutions for businesses looking for a greater Web presence. These solutions include website design, hosting and marketing.

One Anansi innovation is the Store Locator mobile app geared towards shoppers and franchise owners, who can list their shop locations and allow customers to search for what’s nearby.

A native of Burma, Nyo believes she owes her career to her emigration to Australia, where “technology is advanced, entrepreneurship is encouraged and creativity is rewarded.”

“I have learnt that if you offer a product or a service that people need, do your very best, be sincere and work hard, you will achieve what you want,” she says.

Nyo is keen on web traffic, even as her own web development blog already racks up 30,000 hits a month. When numbers don’t meet her expectations, she says, she draws up strategies to bolster her PR: “In order to get x number of visits per month, I need to have 10 new products and two new blog posts published every week, and so on. It is all about setting SMART goals in order to achieve what you want.”

Her long-term goal is creating a greater Web presence for herself — one which, even when the currency cools, will continue to be felt.

Anthill asks: Ei Sabai Nyo, what gives you entrepreneurial cred?

“Having the drive to go for what I want, being innovative and taking actions. I believe that an idea is nothing until it’s executed.”


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