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Criteo ads reach close to one billion unique Internet users per month, second only to Google


In a marketing/advertising industry increasingly focused on measuring ROI, one key question is: what type of digital advertising generates the greatest return; display or search?

Well, recent figures suggest that digital performance display advertising company Criteo is incremental to search advertising.

The most recent comScore MMX report reveals that Criteo is reaching close to 1 billion unique visitors per month, 924 million to be exact, with their real-time, personalised ads.

According to the report, Criteo’s reach is second only to Google Display Network’s globally.

Furthermore, Criteo is incremental to search, since nearly 50 per cent of Internet users worldwide who saw a Criteo ad were not exposed to Google search ads, showing that Criteo reaches users that other major marketing channels don’t.

The comScore report also highlights that approximately 8 out of every 10 Internet users saw a Criteo ad in the major global markets in March. Locally, 62 per cent of Australian Internet users saw a Criteo ad in March.

This infographic breaks down the Internet users that saw a Criteo ad by country.

How compatible is display advertising with search?

Jeremy Crooks, the Managing Director of Criteo Australia, pointed out to Anthill that research by Nielson and Mediametrie has shown that performance display advertising has a proven capacity to recruit users that paid search alone cannot address.

He further highlighted that, on average across all industries, 65 per cent of the consumers recruited through performance display did not click on paid search.

“This all points to the fact that display advertising is inherently compatible with search advertising and an advertising campaign should be fully integrated and optimised for search and display across desktops and mobile,” Crooks concluded.

How have Australian brands received Criteo?

A recent NAB Group report revealed that Australia’s online retail spending grew to $14.9 billion for the year to January 2014, an increase of 11.3 per cent from last year.

Crooks believes that it is disruptive technologies and solutions like Criteo’s that are helping to fuel this growth of the Australian e-commerce industry by helping Australian brands to take advantage of the increasing adoption by local consumers of online retail.

He revealed to Anthill that Criteo works with 30 of the top 50 publishers in Australia, and with Australian brands like Tripadvisor, Domain, and LivingSocial.

Crooks said the Criteo mobile solution in particular enables brands and advertisers to reach a previously untapped and rapidly growing audience through smartphones and tablets, by delivering personalised mobile ads in both browsers and apps.