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New online training to protect Aussie businesses from costly compliance breaches


Lack of formal safety training can have a significant financial and human cost for businesses. In fact, businesses in most states can face fines of up to A$3 million for breaches of the Work Health and Safety Act. Despite this, many businesses struggle to find the time and budget to implement formal safety and compliance training which can help protect them and their staff from these risks.

To combat this issue, leading Australian online learning platform CourseGenius recently released its suite of online compliance training courses.

CourseGenius is a WA-based company that enables small to medium businesses to create and deliver their own custom online training programs. The CourseGenius suite of compliance courses provides training in three core areas: Workplace Health and Safety Fundamentals, Workplace Bullying and Harassment, and Social Media and Electronic Communication, with additional topics to follow.

The courses, developed by leading Australian law firm People + Culture Strategies, are legally compliant and tailored for Australian workplaces. Once only available to large businesses with a big training budget, CourseGenius makes online compliance training accessible to businesses of all sizes.

What exactly do these courses contain?

Co-founder of CourseGenius Sarah Mateljan’s legal background has given her insight into the potential cost of failing to run formal compliance training. She also understands why small to medium-sized businesses find it difficult to roll out this type of training.

“We’ve listened to our customers and we know it’s hard for them to find engaging and legally compliant training content on a budget,” Sarah said.

“Our new suite of compliance courses solves this problem by providing interactive, legally authored online training on-demand. Our customers, such as ECOYA are well placed to make this move as they are more agile than larger enterprises, and can more easily adopt new technologies to solve problems.”

Leading home fragrance and bodycare company ECOYA were one of the first to sample CourseGenius’ new suite of courses.

Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety Manager at ECOYA, Liza Jones, said, “The CourseGenius compliance courses were exactly what I was after. I oversee manufacturing where compliance and training is of critical importance. Being a medium sized business, we are good at implementing practical training elements however this not always reflected on paper.

If I had to create the program myself, not only would it take me two or three days to prepare the material but I couldn’t be entirely sure that the content is correct and current.”

ECOYA safety manager Liza Jones
ECOYA safety manager Liza Jones

Businesses can sign up for a demonstration and a discussion with the CourseGenius team to see how you can get started in minutes.