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How to deal with failure [PODCAST]


PreneurCast is a marketing + business podcast. Author and marketer Pete Williams and digital media producer Dom Goucher discuss entrepreneurship, business, internet marketing and productivity.

After the previous show’s confessions, Pete Williams and Dom Goucher discuss the topic of failure, and how to deal with it, where ever it occurs.

In this episode, Pete asks the question, “who was this?”:

Born into poverty.
Failed in business in 1831.
Ran for the state legislature and lost in 1832.
Failed in business again in 1833, and lost money that he had borrowed from friends.
Had a nervous breakdown in 1836.
Was defeated when running for Speaker in 1838.
Was defeated when running for Elector in 1840.
Was defeated running for Congress in 1843 and 1848.
Was defeated running for Senate in 1854 and 1858.
Was defeated running for Vice President in 1856.

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Pete talks to Dom about dealing with failure wherever it occurs

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