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Bad manners will earn your business a thorough spanking


Most people nowadays have next to zero regard for basic workplace etiquette. And yet, in any business, new or old, small or large, the way employees treat and behave around one another plays quite a huge role in productivity.

If you are looking to build a professional brand, then you cannot afford to overlook these six tips to office etiquette and manners.

1. Don’t forget to say hello.  Many people left greeting in the previous century and will shamelessly walk by a workmate, head buried in their phone tweeting, without saying hello. And yet, each and every one of us does appreciate a simple “hello”, “please,” thank you” and “you’re welcome”, not forgetting a good old “goodbye” to end the working day.

2. Watch your tone on the phone. There’s nothing wrong with picking up that call at the office, be it business or personal, the problem is how you do so. Are you that guy who loses control and bursts into demonic laughter as your buddy recounts stories from last night on the phone? Yeah, that needs to go. No one needs to hear every single nitty gritty of your conversation. Keep your volume and tone to a respectable limit.

3. Keep your manners on in the elevator. Even the movies should have taught you this one by now! Should you see a colleague attempt to enter the elevator when the doors are about to shut, it’s only polite of you to press the open button and step back into the elevator so there is enough room for everyone. And don’t forget, if you are the one they held it for, you must never forget to say, “thank you”.

4. It is wrong to be politically incorrect. Kanye West might be your role model but you must keep it in mind that the Australia you live and work in is a multicultural society. So, make it a point to use the right words when you talk about ethnic groups, and all those jokes that key off sexual, religious or racial stereo­types are not funny at all.

5. Don’t let you status get to your head. The notion of hierarchy is less important in Australia than in many other western countries. Remember everyone is part of the company and should be treated the equally. There is no reason to treat the receptionist, personal assistant or cleaners different from the CEO. So, dish out that lovely smile of yours to everyone no matter what salary bracket they are in.

6. It’s not cool to be rude. As an individual you many find nothing wrong with punctuating your conversations with swear words. I mean, the movies and music of this day have made “sh*t”, “bl**dy” and “f**k” seem like the coolest words ever. However, don’t be fooled, in an office environment, swearing is plain offensive, immature and inappropriate. It’s better say nothing at all than swear.

Don’t say Anthill didn’t tell you…