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Australia's ranking as a 'networked' nation is on the slide, according to World Economic Forum [STATISTICS]


According to the World Economic Forum, Australia is slipping as a ‘networked’ nation. The organisation’s annual survey of 133 nations for its Global Information Technology Report (2009–2010) ranked Australia as the world’s 16th most ‘networked’, falling from its 14th place held over the past two years.

While it’s become an easy complaint to moan about access to broadband and mobile services, it’s worth noting that according to both these measures Australia ranks considerably higher than other nations often relied upon for comparison, such as the US.

In terms of the percentage of citizens with broadband, Australia ranks 18th, while the US takes the 22nd slot. In terms of the percentage of people with mobile phone subscriptions, Australia ranks 48th, while the US ranks 72nd.

Overall, Australia ranked well in terms of its regulatory and infrastructure environment. Government usage of ICT took the 5th spot. However, ‘Business Usage’ lags far behind, ranking at 30.

Top place this year was taken by Sweden, followed by Singapore, Denmark and Switzerland. Finland, Canada, Denmark and Norway make up the rest of the top ten, with the U.K.

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