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Pablos Holman explains what entrepreneurs can learn from hackers


As part of the recent second World Entrepreneurship Day on 16 April 2010, comes this talk from Pablos Holman of Intellectual Ventures. Holman is a self-proclaimed hacker who has worked on numerous ambitious technology projects from inventing spaceships with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos at Blue Origin to developing the world’s smallest portable fully operational computer devices (pre-iPhone and iPad).

His work with Intellectual Ventures now sees him and his colleagues “investing in invention” as they explore, prototype and test the viability of their ideas and inventions.

However, the focus of Holman’s talk is not to showcase his latest creations. Instead, using a series of examples of how hackers view and analyse flaws in everyday networks and systems, he reveals that the hacker’s ‘discovery’ mindset is crucial to invention and innovation. Furthermore, and similar to entrepreneurs, when faced with everyday objects, the hacker will not blindly accept it, but think ‘what can I make this do?’

Holman goes on to explain how this mindset of discovery is being turned to developing the technology and ways of dealing with the plague of malaria that threatens so much of the world.

A little lengthy at 36 minutes, but inspirational and worth the time if you’ve got it.

Hacking and invention by Pablos Holman