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What does the world of automation mean in reality? [VIDEO]



They’ve been a part of our lives for some time. Yes, you can include Dexter the Robot from Perfect Match.

The mechanisation and automation of tasks that humans once performance has been alive and well since the Industrial Revolution. Machines changed the way worked and also had a profound effect on the economics of the world.

But, in reality, we are still only on the cusp of automating our world.

Advances in technology are not slowing down; so it stands that robots and the automation of every day tasks is only set to increase.

Think of all those ‘first jobs’ we once had – working in retail or the service industry. Now, many of those jobs are on their way to being automated.

Where once there were a row of supermarket check-outs, all with someone working the register, now we can have a bay of 10 or more registers where we self-serve. They are overseen by one person. The registers are now so easy to use and efficient that we don’t need an expert trained to use them.

This fascinating video shows where we were, where we are and, where we are heading in the world of automation.

Here’s a hint.

Driverless cars are already better than humans. Why? Because they don’t drink drive, text drive, get tired or, act stupid. So, already, driverless, automated cars are better driving than we are.

And then, think about this. Moving stuff from one place to another is a major industry. Be it in mines, farms, food transport and parcel delivery. Do we really need people to do these tasks anymore?

Then, we get on to artificial intelligence. It’s not the stuff of science fiction. It’s happen now. More than you may realise.

So robots are coming. Well, actually, they’re already here. It may not be quite like Futurama but, we’re heading in the direction.

What does it mean for your business? What does it mean for jobs? What does it mean for people? And, what opportunities does this future state present for those who prepare for it now?

Humans need not apply