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Six emerging technologies receive more than $442k of COMET grants


With only a couple more weeks before the COMET program closes (to be replaced with the Commercialisation Australia program), it has been announced that six emerging technologies have received grants totaling $442,400, or $70,400 each.

The six products include a highly sensitive electronic mat that detects intruders, a device that pinpoints unusual vibration in machinery, and an advanced ebook that incorporates text, film, photos, music, voice-overs and click-notes all within the one platform.

The six products are as follows:

  • Sensol has developed the Sensor Mat. It comprises a fibre-optic cable encased between two layers of material. A control box detects any pressure or disturbance on the mat, sending a light beam alert message through the fibre to the control box.The mats are about 2m wide and vary in length up to 200m. Several mats can be linked to cover longer distances.
  • Fabtale Productions has developed its FilmAudioBook (FAB) product. The ‘ebook’ platform incorporates text, film, photos, music, voice-overs and click-notes into a multimedia experience with seamless page turning and choreographed layouts.
  • Isoflex Technologies International designs and manufactures engine mounting systems and vibration isolators, assisted by software that analyses vibration in vessels, vehicles and stationary plants.
  • Surgical Performance Pty Ltd has developed software for surgeons to undertake self-audit of outcomes from surgical procedures. It confidentially and anonymously benchmarks their performance against industry averages and against themselves over time.
  • Auditflow Pty Ltd has developed an online audit planning, management and data repository software as a service solution. It provides a simple, cost-effective, fully compliant online solution to assist auditors to adhere to all mandatory professional and legislative requirements.
  • Elevate Technologies Pty Ltd has developed technologies that allow users to automatically update medical and wellness information to a centralised database and share them with medical and wellness practitioners in a secure, convenient and accessible manner.