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YouTube marketing meets ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’


By now you’ve probably seen a few interactive YouTube videos, such as the Skittles ‘Touch the Rainbow’ and the Tipp Ex Bear. (If not, we thoroughly recommend that you check them out here and here.)

While most of these types of campaign usually involve big budgets and elaborate settings, this is just the kind of marketing that small business owners can pursue on a shoe-string.

By being given limited choices, viewers can engage creatively with your message, making advertising more fun and memorable in the process (while also allowing marketers to make a splash on a budget).

Do you take the knife?

Take the knife, or don’t take the knife? Potentially violent, depending on the choices you make, this video is designed to teach kids about consequences and dissuade teenagers from turning to knife-crime and making predictably bad choices.

Expensive to make? No. Effective? Heck yeah!

Warning: This video is kind of grisly.

Do you save Chad & Matt?

You might want to set aside some time before you get involved in this one. It’s got dumb guys getting into trouble, gangsters, drama and high production values. However, the only thing complicated about this ‘choose your own adventure’ is the plot.

And, if YouTube has taught us anything, consumers no longer care about production values. They just want to be entertained (and occasionally shocked).

Youtube Radio!

This ditty is so catchy it doesn’t require explanation.

What story could you tell to explain your business or brand?