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    Greats Reads – July 2, 2009


    Sherry yields ground on employee share schemes
    Sydney Morning Herald
    The Federal Government has given up further ground in its battle to tighten tax rules on employee share schemes after an outcry from business leaders forced it to reconsider its announcement in the May budget.

    The 10 Worst Partners For Your Start-Up
    Don’t give away equity or authority to these characters.

    Beyond pathetic is BP’s dumping of alternatives
    Is it any wonder that people are cynical about marketing when a company like BP decides that after a decade of trying to be the nice guy it can now relax and just be itself?

    Pearls Before Breakfast
    The Washington Post
    This article won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Best Feature Writing. The Washington Post ask a world-famous classical violinist to busk in a busy Washington DC metro station to see if anyone would notice. Simply brilliant.

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