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Who’s more resilient: Homer Simpson or Hermione Granger? The answer will surprise you


“Resilient” might not be a word you would readily associate with Homer J. Simpson, but his absentmindedness (coupled with his general state of blissful ignorance) makes him more resilient than one might think. In fact, Homer has a real knack for dodging bullets like nuclear meltdowns and Bart’s cherry bombs, despite his all-around oafishness.

As for Hermione Granger, of Harry Potter fame, without a doubt she surpasses Homer in terms of resilience; however, her magical abilities give her an obvious advantage over that famous comical, bungling Springfielder.

Resilience is something author Stacey Copas knows a lot about. When Stacey was 12 years old, she had a devastating accident that left her a quadriplegic and dependent on a wheelchair. However, she has not let that stop her from her ambitions.

As an adult, Stacey has gone on work as an inspirational trainer and speaker. She has also worked abroad teaching people to use wheelchairs, and has even run for parliament.

Stacey CopasA different kind of campaign…

More recently, Stacey has launched a 25-day collaborative crowd-funding campaign for her new book, How to Be More Resilient: The Blueprint for Getting Results When Things Don’t Go to Plan. The campaign is entering the home stretch, with under two weeks left to reach its goal.

Stacey’s campaign has a whole team behind it to ensure its success, including self-publishing guru Guy Vincent from Publishizer, who helped Scott Bales, author of Mobile Ready raise over $28,000 (USD) through crowd funding.

“Stacey has mentally overcome quadriplegia to become an elite athlete and 2016 Paralympic Games contender. Her story spreads the message of resilience, and I feel that’s a great thing for athletes, trainers, startups and students of life,” says Vincent.

As part of the campaign, Stacey has created a fun quiz to help you discover whether your resilience is up to par. If you take the quiz to find out whether you are a Homer or a Hermione, you may find your results surprising, much like ol’ Homer.

Words of wisdom

“Resilience is often confused as a human trait, it’s actually a process and your resilience can be learned, built and nurtured to help you cope with stresses and pressures on your life,” says Copas.

Stacey has made it her life ambition to study, research and use her own experiences and successes to help others become more resilient, especially in times of crisis. Her book is sure further advance that ambition, and help others become more resilient.

The book will be published in August, at which time all her supporters will get their nice shiny copy of her book. To back Stacey’s campaign, mosey right over here, Anthillians.

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