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Every eCommerce website owner needs to be aware of these five social media statistics


Regardless of age, economic status, and gender, most individuals who shop at eCommerce websites tend to be members of social media and networking sites.

In order to survive, you need to consider certain elements so that you keep pace with your competition.

There are five social media statistics that every e-commerce needs to be aware of. These will provide you with the knowledge you to survive in the e-commerce marketplace:

  • 60 per cent of all e-commerce websites have a Twitter account as well as a Facebook account
  • eCommerce website owners will typically follow-up with their customers 14 days after they have made their purchase
  • eCommerce websites that are Facebook members will publish 4.55 posts on their page every week
  • eCommerce websites that do not have a social media presence average 32 per cent fewer sales than those sites that do
  • The Facebook community of the average e-commerce website shows a monthly increase in growth of 8 per cent

On an additional note regarding the second point above, e-commerce website owners expect their customers to receive their purchases within 14 days. Additionally, the following social media tips should be considered in your e-commerce marketing strategy:

  • Go where potential customers can be found to market your website (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Leverage social media and networking sites to sell your products or services
  • Monitor the competition’s social networking activities including:
  • How they market their products through social media
  • Number of fans/followers they have and the number of views they receive
  • The social media sites they are using
  • What type of content they are publishing
  • Promote your exclusive offers through social media by offering free shipping and weekly coupons or discounts

Remember, there’s more to social media marketing than promoting your products. Ask your customers to participate in surveys or create blogs to promote your products or services. Finally, show your field expertise by sharing messages and news feeds that apply.

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