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Sydney tech startup Totem Labs is virtually bringing people’s very worst fears to life

Totem Labs uses cutting edge VR technology to expose patients in a gradual way to their phobia - whether it be spiders, snakes, heights, a fear of flying or otherwise - to help them overcome their fear.

Are you getting the MVP right?

Since the emergence of the Lean Startup, the Minimum Viable Product or MVP has been one of the most widely spread notions in startup...

Little idea to big execution – part two

In part one of this series, we began to incubate your idea, validated that customers actually existed, that they were willing to engage with...

Why you need to learn to code or, doom your tech startup to failure

Learning to code is starting to become an inevitable reality in not only the push for schools to add to their curriculums, but also...
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I lost $2.4 million, 96 per cent equity and ended up bankrupt. Ask me...

Failed start-ups are like failed marriages - they're painful events and those involved often find it difficult to discuss their experiences. That's a shame...