Home Articles This toothbrush entrepreneur from New Zealand is banking on Aussie smiles

This toothbrush entrepreneur from New Zealand is banking on Aussie smiles


Fast growing New Zealand subscription startup Toothcrush recently officially launched in Australia.

Toothcrush delivers beautifully designed, eco-friendly, bamboo handled toothbrushes right to your door every month.

Subscription services have experienced exponential growth in Australia in recent years, with everything from food and groceries (Hello Fresh, Marley Spoon), music and entertainment (Netflix, Spotify) and beauty (bellabox) now delivered conveniently to the front doorstep.

It all started with Dollar Shave Club, but “essential purchase” personal hygiene products are a rapidly emerging product globally.

The Auckland startup, which is part of ventures group, Previously Unavailable, has experienced significant success since launching just a few months ago, with more than 5,000 subscribers and an average of 20 new subscribers every day in New Zealand.

Founder, Annabel Hurman, says the Australian market is key to scaling the startup.

Annabel Hurman
Annabel Hurman

The idea behind Toothcrush

The idea started when Annabel (biologist, business woman and mum of two) realised a market for three key audiences: the enviro-conscious consumer, the design-focused millennial (the so-called “Kmart Home Generation”), and the busy parent — all in one.

Toothcrush’s model is simple: select how many toothbrushes you want and how often you’d like them delivered, then the Toothcrush brushes will arrive in a package in your letterbox.

While many subscription business models sell “sometimes” purchase items and risk the novelty wearing off, Toothcrush is an affordably priced “essential” purchase. Hurman is confident the growth opportunity for Toothcrush is substantial.

Founder, Annabel Hurman said: “Toothcrush is a simple idea but it has the potential for huge impact and we can’t wait to bring it to Aussie consumers. Expanding internationally so quickly after launch in New Zealand is exciting.

“We have been globally minded from day one, and the success of subscription services in all categories in Australia meant the market made sense as our first conscious expansion. We’ve partnered with Australian Post to make delivery affordable and fast in Australia, and we’ll sell in Australian dollars from today.

“At the end of the day, we want to make it a little bit easier for people to be kind to their mouths and not hurt the earth in the process. Toothcrush brushes are fresh, meet dentist-recommended standards, and they’re fun. Each month you’ll find a funky new colour in your delivery, ready to brighten up the bathroom.

“Brushing your teeth doesn’t have to be boring. We’re excited to bring Toothcrush to Australia.”