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Dr Amantha Imber is the head inventiologist at international innovation consultancy Inventium. She is also author of The Creativity Formula: 50 scientifically proven ways to boost creativity in work and in life.

The Creativity Formula: 50 scientifically-proven creativity boosters for work and for life

Dr Amantha Imber, Anthill’s Creativity Corner blogger, recently published a book entitled The Creativity Formula: 50 scientifically-proven creativity boosters for work and for life. We asked Amantha to hand-select an excerpt from the book to share with Anthill readers. Here is her selection. If it leaves you wanting more, please consider grabbing a copy of the book, which has earned praise from the likes of Seth Godin.

Research: You make better decisions using intuition (or sleeping)

The latest research published within the field of cognitive psychology has shown that criteria-based decision-making could actually lead to poorer decisions. In fact, you’re better off sleeping on it.

How an aerobics class can help you come up with better ideas

It is assumed that exercise is good for our mental health, but does it make us more creative?

How a picture of a punk can boost your creativity

Recent research indicates that people think more creatively when looking at an image of a punk. Pinning up deviant images could be just the trick to introduce a little controlled anarchy to your brain.

Are assumptions killing your business?

Assumptions – those nasty things that sit around in the back of your head and stop your thinking going anywhere interesting – are one of the biggest creativity killers in organisations of all sizes. Chances are, if you have a problem you are trying to crack, your assumptions or pre-conceived notions are boxing in your thinking. Set them free.
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