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Zuckerberg stars in Facebook Home ad … and, the ad tells it like it is! [VIDEO]


Industry pundits wer expecting Facebook to launch a phone in April. A real piece of hardware.

Well, they were kind of right.

What was launched instead was Facebook Home.

Facebook Home is a software that can be installed on Android devices. The company says that that puts Facebook, I mean, your friends at the front and centre of your phone interactions. Facebook says this makes your phone more friendly.

In this video, that was used to launch Facebook Home last month stars none other than Mark Zuckerberg. And, he doesn’t appear to take himself too seriously.

And, unlike many other ads, I think this one nails exactly what it would be like to have Facebook front and centre of your life, I mean phone.

From my perspective, there can never be enough screaming goats on the internet.

Facebook Home – Launch day ad

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