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The world just can’t get enough of this Aussie grandpa’s invention [VIDEO]


With You Tube creating ‘mega stars’ of children almost overnight, one Aussie grandfather has become his very own sensation on You Tube – almost by accident.

When John Sanders filmed himself cleaning out an air conditioning unit, he put it on You Tube to highlight to people just how much mould, mildew, skin and bacteria thrive inside the average Aussie air conditioner, and suddenly the world wanted to know more.

Literally within days of posting the video showing the disgusting sludge that he was able to remove from the AC unit, hundreds of people had watched the video and over 10 countries had approached him – wanting his knowledge, his system and a piece of his company!

“This was a completely unexpected outcome and equally unintentional,” explains John Sanders founder of HydroKleen Australia.

“Although we had a vision to take the system overseas at some stage in the future, the video was merely created by a work experience student who thought it would be fun to film the process. Once it was posted online, the world literally knocked our door down.”

An instant YouTube hit

What John and his team had not fully appreciated, was that there was simply no other air conditioning cleaning system of its kind anywhere else in the world and so from the moment the video was uploaded, it began generating hits from across the globe searching for a safe, hygienic and cost effective way to clean a wall mounted air conditioning system, commonly found in both domestic and commercial settings. Most of these enquiries were overseas air conditioning businesses, although there were also many enquiries from consumers as well.

You Tube has literally taken this Aussie invention global, almost overnight. Since launching the video just over a year ago, John has experienced:

  • Over 350,000 hits within a year
  • 10 countries globally have imported , or about to import John’s equipment and cleaning system
  • Another 46 countries/regions are in negotiation – desperate to get their hands on what John has
  • 4 or 5 new overseas enquiries hit the company each day
  • There’s been no formal marketing or advertising
  • The demand is so high, John is already in serious negotiation with companies in Hong Kong, the Gulf Countries and Europe to open Warehouse/Distribution Centres to service each region of the world

John goes on to explain, “The air conditioning world has surprisingly never devised an efficient or cost effective system to clean them, given there is a constant Occupational Health and Safety issue as well as an Energy issue – dirty air conditioners use much more power when they haven’t been cleaned ! It’s a bit like building a car and not being able to change the oil unless you dismantle the whole engine! Most consumers are totally unaware of the dangers and health risks that lurk behind the filters of the average air conditioning unit

Australians may be in the dark about how the deadly organisms in AC units can cause a range of respiratory issues and illnesses, including asthma, but globally, people are acutely aware of the dangers and they are crying out for a solution.