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Working mums listen up – this is just for you!


Are you a hardworking mum, wrestling with the balance of work, parenting, and domestic life? Got nappies and screaming children dashing through your dreams at night (not to mention your reality)? You are not alone!

Working Mums Masterclass has launched a new mentoring program that aims to connect mums across Australia with an expert mentor in their chosen field, wherever and whenever they need it.

The support network, which already offers workshops, webinars and events to help working mums get through the day with their sanity intact, will now also offer access to 14 mentors across the country who can help any mum in need, from a mum on a remote farm who can’t get her child to eat carrots to a mum struggling with stress in the city.

What’s in it for mum?

Each session lasts for 45 minutes and can be run remotely via Skype or a landline and costs just $69. That means that a naturopath on the Northern Beaches can help a mum in Perth, or a home organisation expert in Newcastle can help a mum in Launceston who doesn’t know where to start!

Penny Webb, Mums Masterclass’ head mum, explains: “As a working mum myself, I know how hard it is to juggle everything and get the right support to help you fit into your new role.

“The idea behind the new mentoring program is to offer mums across Australia, no matter where they live, support from a group of experienced mentors in a range of topics to meet their specific needs. It’s another helping hand to keep all those balls in the air!”

There are currently mentors in 14 categories from home organisation and cyber safety, to meal planning, health and nutrition.

So that’s something for all you wonderful mother ants (queen ants???) out there. For more info, cruise over to Working Mums Masterclass for more info, and the big reveal of the mentors!