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How NBN Co is helping businesses pick up the pace online


The National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) has completed the first in a series of enhancements to the fibre optic network to help enable Australian businesses to make the most of high speed broadband.

NBN for Business will allow service providers to offer businesses the ability to run up to 50 voice services (yes, that’s right, 50!) over the fibre network. The service also offers extended levels of support for internet service providers, such as seven-day-a-week service and a one-hour response time to incidents.

Jim Hassell, Head of Product Development and Sales for NBN Co, said: “NBN for Business offers service providers the tools to tailor packages for businesses, allowing them to make use of a host of new digital tools to increase productivity and maintain their competitive edge.”

“By embracing new technologies, Australian businesses can become more agile and responsive to their customers’ needs, potentially lower their operating costs and open up new markets.”

You’ve got yourself a deal…

The new offering has been greeted with glee by the communications industry, with several leading telecommunications providers already slated to offer services using the NBN for Business enhancements.

Peter Strong, Executive Director, Council of Small Business of Australia, said NBN for Business would be welcomed by Australia’s more than two million small businesses.

“There’s a real chance for small businesses to find new ways to increase productivity, reduce costs and expand markets through new ways of working, as well as gain more free time and cut down on stress,” Mr. Strong said.

“What we’re hearing from our members is that they feel they need to have reliable, business-grade broadband and multi-line telephony to do this.”

The NBN’s fibre optic network already offers companies and individuals high download and upload speeds, which are important for applications such as high-definition videoconferencing and online backup (and goofing-off on Facebook and Netflix while you’re supposed to be working, duh!).

High speed broadband also opens up new ways of doing business (always a plus, right Anthillians?), including the ability to offer more efficient and enhanced customer service, run applications remotely in the cloud and access new markets at home and abroad.

The Big Picture

In addition, a bunch of research studies have found that increased broadband connectivity will position Australia for tomorrow’s jobs and economic growth, For example:

  • KPMG estimates that cloud computing over the NBN could increase the size of the Australian economy by $3.32 billion per annum within a decade.
  • Deloitte Access Economics estimated that the direct contribution of the internet to the Australian economy was approximately $50 billion a year, projected to grow to over $70 billion a year by 2016.
  • Access Economics says if 10% of Australian employees were to telework every second day, total annual productivity gains would be in the order of $1.4 billion to $1.9 billion per year by reducing commute times, office space and staff turnover.

To find out if your business can get the hook-up from NBN Co, navigate your browser over here.