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Why we're embarrassed about our new website (and proud of it!)


In mid-2008, we wrote about a clever Australian company called TrickyTix on the topic of Product Development.

TrickyTix CEO Scott Handsaker provided us with the following prescient quote, which I’ve paraphrased:

“If you’re not slightly embarrassed about your new web product when you launch, you’re too late.”

This week, we launched a new website. You’re seeing it now.

So, ok, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles quite yet but we promise that you, dear Anthillians, will be the first to notice its evolution over coming weeks and months.

For now, I’d like to point out the new links on our three-tiered navigation bar, which are generally geared toward web readers with a passion for business. Before now, we offered links that merely reflected the content of the print magazine. This will obviously help if you have a need for specific information.

We’ve also made it far easier to meander through the site and stumble across hidden treasures from the archive, entertaining and thought provoking videos and, of course, leave your views and converse with other readers.

We’ve added a number of social networking tools (and still have a few more up our sleeve). If you want to ‘Share’ Anthill or ‘Digg’ Anthill or add us to your Facebook page, you now can. In fact, please do spread the word!

In coming weeks you can expect to see Movie and Book Clubs. (Won’t it be great when you can have the latest business documentaries and bestsellers sent to your door and the platform to share your thoughts with other Anthillians!)

We’ll soon be hosting Webinars and other live events online (with some help from our sponsors). Plus, we’ll be launching a range of new email-driven education series. (‘Learn how to raise VC’ or ‘Get your cashflow in check’ over 10 easy emails.)

If you have any further ideas, leave your thoughts below.

The site might not be the polished pearl just yet and some of the links might initially seem underpopulated. But don’t bother asking, “When will the site be finished?”

Because the simple answer is, “Never!” 😉