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Why even small businesses need to be automising their customer engagement technology


In the age of advanced technology and rapid social media consumption, the necessity for automisation and customer engagement via the internet has grown in importance.

Every type of business has felt the effects of this shift, and small businesses and start-ups are no exception to the rule. In fact, small businesses should be even more reliant on these techno-business strategies, as they actually allow for a rapid growth to take place and brand awareness to expand.

Perhaps some of the clearest examples of these successes have been with integrations capable of aggregating and sorting online capital and data on a massive scale; exploring such platforms could prove fruitful in determining the future course of commercial development.

What exactly do small businesses need?

1. An open source e-commerce platform

First, an open-source e-commerce platform, can prove vital to continued development and progress. With such integration software, a business could exponentially increase email revenue, directly track sales activity, and make e-commerce transactions as simplified and seamless as possible.

With small businesses specifically, the majority of which are plagued with limited supplies of precious capital and a small number of employees to execute the work properly, such technology is paramount to future success, especially with the shifting consumer behaviour of online purchasing and cryptocurrency technology.

Many new e-commerce platforms are now ready for off the shelf integrations with online accounting softwares like Xero. It is important to choose the right accountant who has the right software skill set.

2. Ability to capture data

Next, we should look to implementing a program with the ability to capture immense quantities of data, create automated reports of aggregated information, and generate powerful workflows and targeted ads to facilitate outreach.

Small businesses could benefit tremendously from such efficiency and focused intent. With limited ability to expend recklessly, such integrations allow for an optimization of business performance and a stockpiling of company information and research that is very appealing to potential clients.

This program may also generate a significant amount of click-through and personalization tendencies that could potentially allow small businesses to stand out from the pack in the manner they which to display themselves via the software.

3. Brand formation and growth

Finally, lean on a program that allows for unique brand formation and growth on the level of global ecommerce that any small business would crave.

With a program like this, you could generate unique coupon codes to entice customers, deliver customized product recommendations from an online catalogue to engage the masses, and track engagements and sales in real time.

Essentially, it would give small businesses the degree of control and accessibility that is necessary to succeed with, particularly upon the company’s conception.

The ability to use a platform to generate brand and personalized campaigns should be a top priority for small businesses, where recognition and awareness are everything to success.

Where to from here?

Essentially, small businesses need to be automising their customer engagement technology because it will only set them up for greater success and profit down the road.

Integrations are only some of the countless platforms small businesses can take advantage of and reap the benefits from if they are willing to invest in the costs and structuring that comes with automisation.

In the end, the bottom line for small businesses should always be profit, and these automations are just one step further down that road.

Aparna Gray is Head of Marketing, dotdigital, APAC and has more than 19 years’ experience in the marketing, public relations and communications field, with roles spanning across Australia, UK, China and Silicon Valley. Dotdigital will be exhibiting at Australia’s upcoming leading ecommerce event, Online Retailer Expo and Conference (July 24-25), is coming up. Visitors will learn cutting-edge business insights, the latest trends