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What mobile trends can we expect in 2012, according to Australia’s mobile elite?


What’s going to happen in the next year with these big-screened, feature-packed, hyper-used phones we seem unable to pry from our text-tapping fingers?

Somebody filmed (probably with an iPhone) the responses of several people at this week’s Mobile Industry Awards in Melbourne.

Their full responses are in the video below and top right (in the second video, the event-goers were asked what phone they use; responses were all over the map, but the iOS platform in general and iPhone 4S specifically seems to prevail.)

Some highlights:

  • Near field communication: Tech that allows for simple transactions or data exchange between two devices. It’s already been used here and there for payments via smartphone.
  • LTA: E-payments provided by the Land Transport Authority allow easy transactions via mobile phones, kiosks or the Net.
  • ID scan: Point your phone’s camera at someone and identify who they are. A bit unsettling, really.
  • Omnipresent online: Phones or tablets simply become part of everything we do, from purchases to money transactions to media access.

Drink in the videos, then give us your predictions: What does the immediate future hold for mobile? (And visit the Mobile Monday Australia webpage too. They’re good peeps. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.)

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