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“Midwife app” offers child care guidance for sleepless parents


Cathryn Curtin had 32 years of experience as a midwife, earning a reputation for her supportive approach to childbirth and for dispensing practical advice to mums and dads with newborns in their care.

After she served as a consultant for several child care guides, it was only a matter of time before Curtin delivered a neonatal iPhone app kicking and breathing into the digital world.

The aptly named Midwife Cath gives parents advice on an array of infant care topics such as breastfeeding, bathing, mastitis, reflux and skin condition.

“In the technological age we live in, Midwife Cath is far more convenient than carrying around thick baby books,” said Curtin, of Melbourne, on the eve of the release. Curtin herself was the midwife consultant for Kaz Cooke’s parenting books, Up the Duff and Kidwrangling, before developing the app.

Curtin’s product has already earned the endorsement of some notable footy WAGs: Rebecca Judd (married to Carlton legend Chris Judd) and Erin Maxwell (wife of Collingwood defender Nick Maxwell). Mrs. Maxwell deemed the app “a life saver” and considered Curtin to be “as much of a necessity as baby wipes and nappies” after she assisted her during her pregnancy.

While Midwife Cath isn’t a fix-all solution to parenting (it’s still no substitute for changing those icky nappies — sorry mums), Curtin sees the convenience of having all the collected information together as its chief selling point: “At 2am when you’re holding a screaming baby, a one-click app is a lot easier to use than Google!”

Image by 2nd Street Photography