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What if, just what if, you could pay for your cappuccino using PayPal?


Mobile payment and point of sale software for stores and and shoppers will probably never be the same again. Yes, you read it here first…

Australian cloud point of sale start-up Kounta, has partnered with PayPal and Beat the Q to offer hospitality merchants like cafes, restaurants, bars and their customers an exciting new mobile ordering and payment experience, in and out of stores.

How? The partnership allows customers to use the PayPal app to find stores around them, check-in and pay for items they wish to purchase using their mobile phone. Is that all? Nope, there’s more…

Customers can also view menus, pre-order, pay and earn loyalty rewards; making it a cash free transaction which increases speed and efficiency in busy cafes, restaurants and bars. Now how cool is that? Still don’t believe me? Then see for yourself here.

How do merchants benefit from this Kounta, PayPal and Beat the Q partnership?

  • Accept PayPal mobile orders and payments with Kounta Point of Sale
  • Advertise to potential customers in the area
  • Accept mobile payments and see a customers face, name and information on their Point of Sale
  • Free 30 Day Trial of Kounta system with PayPal and Beat the Q

Kounta General Manager, Josh Harrison, said this new concept is a way for stores of any size to have the most innovative retail technology for a fraction of the cost.

“New POS solutions like Kounta allow merchants to focus on customer service and experience, as well as connecting easily with complementary services like Paypal, Beat the Q and Xero. This gives them access to real time reporting and centralised management not even a prohibitively expensive legacy solution can offer,” Harrison said.

“It’s clear that NFC hasn’t had the sort of rapid adoption anyone thought it might. The good news is, seamless shopping and mobile ordering is a reality without the need for any added hardware from the consumer. Everything is handled in-app,” he added.

Kounta has launched an affordable Point of Sale starter package for hospitality and retail merchants from just $599. Kounta in a Box makes it even easier for any business to sign up, setup Kounta and start trading.

Kounta’s cloud POS software works on any device, so merchants can use their existing hardware to make a Kounta – whether it be an iPad, Android Tablet, laptop or PC. Wanna give it a test drive? Go right ahead