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We can dance if we want to … Virgin America’s new safety dance [VIDEO]


Men Without Hats were a one hit wonder in 1983 with their catchy but meaningless song that was accompanied by a confusing music video, Safety Dance.

Some of the most priceless lyrics of the song are:
‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
Well they’re no friends of mine

OK. So, the musical history lesson is over.

Virgin America has embraced the concept of the Safety Dance and made it their own.

Rather than the regular pre-flight safety check, Virgin America has created a 5 minute video that includes rapping children, grown ups doing robot raps and oh my, so much more …

It’s been on YouTube less than two days and is tracking towards half a million views. Is that a lot? Yes and no.
Yes – if you get more than a few thousand views on YouTube, you’re doing well.
No, if you consider how much was probably spent on this ad (yes, of course it’s an ad!).
With the kind of marketing budget clout that Virgin America has, I’m surprised it hasn’t clocked into the millions quickly.
Perhaps, this isn’t going to be the wild viral success they were hoping for.

The big question is: is it as as epic as any of the Air New Zealand safety ads?
The Air New Zealand Hobbit inspired safety ad alone has more than 11 million views.

Virgin America Safety Dance #VXSafeyDance